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Cello Foundations 


'Step into a realm of sonic innovation with “Cello Foundations” a groundbreaking departure from traditional cello sample libraries. Crafted in collaboration with Isobelle Austin, this unique collection pushes the boundaries of what the cello can achieve.


Designed for composers and producers seeking fresh, unconventional sounds, “Cello Foundations” offers a new perspective on cello textures and articulations. Dive into a world of experimental sound design, where pitch-shifted cello textures, filtering, and a plethora of effects combine to create truly distinctive sonic landscapes.


Perfect for avant-garde music production, “Cello Foundations” excels in genres like drama, horror, thriller, and experimental music. Immerse yourself in organic and immersive atmospheres, unlocking endless sonic possibilities.'

'At the heart of “Cello Foundations” lies the XY pad, allowing you to blend up to four unique articulations simultaneously. Mix and match from 21 unconventional articulations, each carefully crafted to inspire creativity and originality.

From haunting drones to gritty distortions, “Cello Foundations” offers unique sonic explorations for composers. Embrace innovation and redefine the possibilities of cello sounds with this avant-garde collection. Discover the magic of “Cello Foundations” — where tradition meets innovation, and sonic boundaries are redefined.'

- Inletaudio


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Soundscapes created using Isobelle's sound library:


• Double Stop 5ths
• Flautando Molto Vib
• Arco Senza Vib
• Arco Molto Vib
• Arco Molto Vib Varied
• Arco Senza Vib Muted
• Sul Pont to Sul Tasto Improv
• Circular Bowing Varied
• Circular Bowing Sweeping
• Circulator Bowing Harmonic
• Col Legno Battuto
• Sul Pont Vib
• Sul Tasto Vib
• Tremolo Harmonic Octaves
• Tremolo Pizzicato
• Tremolo No Vib
• Tremelo Pont to Tasto
• Trills Major
• Trills Minor
• Paper Clip
• Left & right hand independent textures


• Envelope
• Filter
• Pitch
• Volume
• Reverb (x5)
• Delay (x5)

50 Presets

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