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Isobelle | Cello Collection 1: Foundation 


​"Isobelle’s Cello Collection 1 creates a modern scoring sound, blending traditional orchestration with contemporary electronics and morphing, musical sound-design-driven textures, and built-in creative sound manipulation effects. Isobelle’s Cello Collection 1 features and utilizes musical gestures, breaking the boundaries of performable sounds with endless possibilities; you can create new sounds from this instrument which you cannot achieve in a concert hall, by combining sounds of 20 different playing techniques, and even adding your own sounds.

Create a blend of up to 4 playing techniques at a time (including your own sounds) via our XY pad. Apply various global sound manipulation effects to your blend of sounds and go even more into detail in our user interface’s secondary effects processing page.

Isobelle’s Cello Collection 1’s secondary effects processing page allows for extremely detailed musical sound design. There you can apply and shape a large collection of sound manipulation tools. All of these tools can be applied per individual playing technique which gives you ultimate creative flexibility."

- Inletaudio

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Soundscapes created using Isobelle's sound library:

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